Super Dumbbell®
  +Super Dumbbell Cutter
    +SDMAK-1000, SDMBK-1000, SDMBK-1000N
  +Super Straight Cutter
+SD Type Lever-Controlled Sample Cutter
+SD Type Compressed Air Sample Cutting Machine, etc.
+Light Weight Slab Forming Mold
+Labo Press
♢test Specimen Device
    +Model SDL-200-1AJ: Multipurpose Test Specimens Cutter
    +Model SDSC-1200 Series: Slitting Jig for Vulcanized Rubber Tear Test Specimen

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Super Dumbbell®
SD Type Lever-Controlled Sample Cutter
SDAP-1200FBGK Compressed air unvulcanized rubber cutting machine [Patent pending]
SDAP-1183FBAT-PT Plastic full automatic test specimen cutting machine [Patent pending]
SDAP-1200FD-TRPL Plastic almighty test specimen cutting machine
Labo Press
Slitting Jig for Vulcanized Rubber Tear Test Specimen

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