Super Dumbbell®
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    +SDMAK-1000, SDMBK-1000, SDMBK-1000N
  +Super Straight Cutter
+SD Type Lever-Controlled Sample Cutter
+SD Type Compressed Air Sample Cutting Machine, etc.
+Light Weight Slab Forming Mold
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♢test Specimen Device
    +Model SDL-200-1AJ: Multipurpose Test Specimens Cutter
    +Model SDSC-1200 Series: Slitting Jig for Vulcanized Rubber Tear Test Specimen

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Super Dumbbell® is a replaceable blade cutter system which is developed as an ideal cutter to punch out a test specimen of high polymer materials, such as, rubber, plastic, etc and other materials.

Manual Cutting Press to punch a test specimen from a formed sheet.
Excellent in operation.
You can easily operate this manual cutting press by one hand.

We deal in a large number of test specimen mold that conforms to various standards.

Desk type (simple type), semi-automatic type, full-automatic type, etc. are available.
Please select and order the type as per your use.
Also, we can supply any compressed air sample cutting machines in accordance with the specifications of a customer in work materials, cutting shapes, cutting method, etc.

Space-saving design with built-in hydraulic pump in metal frame integral structure.
Also reduce incidental work.

  • Test Specimen Device and the Others

Bench marker
(for marking benchmark)

Compression set test machine
(for vulcanized rubber)

Constant stretch jig
(for vulcanized rubber tension
set test)

  • Consumable Goods
  • Spare blades for Super Dumbbell® - Various kinds
  • Underlay [Cardboard, PP made underlay] for punching - Various kinds
  • Spring knockout mechanism (Spring type formed sample ejector) - Various kinds

Spare blades for
Super Dumbbell®

Underlay for punching

Spring knockout mechanism

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